The government has announced its intention to regulate the use of medical marijuana in the country. While appearing at a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister before the Easter holiday weekend, Attorney General, Sen. Hon. Ryan Pinder announced that draft legislation on medical cannibas would be released for consultation within a month.

Terry Miller of the Cannibas Research Institute is an advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana. He spoke to ZNS News on his views of the subject saying, “I think we’ve been hedging and losing a lot of time, I don’t want to say wasting a lot of time. We’re losing a lot of time on an issue that has been basically legalized in the United States.”

Mr. Miller says his views on the subject have evolved. He recounted a run in that he had with the law because of marijuana. “I used marijuana in the 70s and it was illegal then and I was convicted of having possession of a $5 package of marijuana. And at that time they could fine me $1,000 and put me in jail for six month for that possession of that. I was fined a very small fine of $100 after arguing my case before Magistrate Osadebay,” he said.

He went further stating, “as a result I got a police record that every time I travel to the United States, forty five years later, I still have to go behind the screen and sit down for them to, I don’t know what they do. But I am being punished for something even though its almost legal in the United States and forever that will happen. So many lives have been damaged as a result of this being illegal.”

Miller is calling for the criminal records of marijuana users in small amounts to be struck out of the courts and for a regulated market controlled by Bahamians.