A national ecumenical service was held over the weekend where senior clergyman Rex Major addressed those in attendance. While do so Major spoke about the issue of marital rape which has been the topic of consultation between the government, stakeholders and the general public for some time as the government contemplates criminalizing marital rape.

Major said, “I’m not supposed to say this but I’m troubled by the concept of the rape in the house because people could lie. And the easy way to get out of this husband that I don’t want anymore I ga tell people he rape me. Now how you ga prove it, his sperm is there anyway, all the time. Where’s the proof? And don’t fool yourself some people will get rid of you like that. This is a critical issue, very critical, people lie and the have liars with them. Cause we don’t want this man no more, I gat my eye on something fresh. I am serious. Lets be careful how we tread this road here now.”

On same sex relationships Major said, “we must stand against sexual relations between man and man and woman and woman. But we must treat them as human beings and try to win them back to the ways of God.”

The service was attended by government officials led by Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis, members of the uniformed branches and the clergy.