Christian Council responds to U.S. Embassy’s pride flag


The Bahamas Christian Council says while it supports the right of every Bahamian to determine individual sexual preference and believes no citizen should be mistreated because of their sexuality, foreign governments who are guest in the country should not leverage their influence to promote lifestyles inconsistent with ideologies of the Bahamas.

In a statement issued Tuesday in response to the U.S. Embassy’s hoisting of the gay pride flag, the Christian Council says, “The Bahamas is a sovereign democratic nation, that determines its own ideals, norms and laws. We respect the right of each nation to promote their beliefs in their own countries.”

The statement says the U.S. Embassy in its action is over-reaching and being insensitive to the country regarding the homosexual lifestyle.

Its statement further says, “The Bahamas believes in the traditional family structure of one man and one woman. Hence, the decision to hoist and fly the pride flag in a country whose moral and Judeo-Christian position is not only evident but prominent, is deeply concerning and could easily be perceived offensive to many of our citizens. If we allow this to occur without challenging it, it opens the door for the United States and other foreign nations to influence our social structure today and then our political structure tomorrow by way of diplomatic bullying.

The council says it hopes the embassy will reconsider its bullish agenda.