Civil Society Bahamas in Regional Talks

delegates of the PACC 2030 Climate Resilient Clean Energy Summit

President of Civil Society Bahamas (CSB) Dr. Anthony Hamilton attended the PACC 2030 Climate Resilient Clean Energy Summit on Paradise Island on June 9, 2023. He was representing the CSB as well as the Caribbean Policy Development Center (CPDC). 

PACC 2030 convenes top US government officials, Caribbean governments, US and Caribbean companies, civil society leaders, and many more to tackle the impacts of climate change on the Caribbean. 

For Dr. Hamilton, it was an honor to represent the CPDC at the global summit, as the opportunity allowed The Bahamas to provide representation on behalf of a large coalition of Caribbean non-governmental organizations, covering countries throughout the Caribbean Region.

In addition to the recent advocacy on climate change, CSB has undertaken a series of in-depth forums, tackling the debt crisis in the Caribbean. The series of action-based forums include a broad cross section of local and regional organizations, meeting on the topic: “Caribbean Debt Consultations: Confronting the Caribbean Debt Challenge, Building Resistance for Sustainable Development”. 

The third and fourth national consultation forums will take place on June 26, 2023. The theme for the third session is: “Older Generation Insight: We’ve Conquered this Mountain Before!”. The fourth debt consultation session is being held under the theme: Bahamas National Debt Profile – Anatomy of the Debt, Public and Personal, of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas: Implications for National Financial Health and Solutions”. Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis is scheduled to bring opening remarks.

Civil Society Bahamas the umbrella organization for non-partisan, non-governmental, civil society organizations in The Bahamas. For more information, visit

Source: Felicity Darville

Dr. Anthony Hamilton, President of Civil Society Bahamas, at the PACC 2030 Climate Resilient Clean Energy Summit, Paradise Island

Dr. Anthony Hamilton, center, with Bahamas Ambassador to the US, Wendel Jones (right) and Bahamas Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Vaughn P Miller at the PACC 2030 Climate Resilient Clean Energy Summit