The Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) has launched a public education campaign to inform the public of their rights and the role of the commission.

CPC Manager of Operations and Education Lavade Darling explained its remit, “we don’t deal with prices. For example, our typical complaint would involve, for example, somebody purchase an item from a store, its defective, they want to take it back, they want a refund or they want to exchange it, those are the type matters that we deal with.”

Darling continued, “right now we have a major refund and exchange campaign going on. Cause a lot of persons are not aware that you can actually receive a cash refund. The legislation actually prescribes that. So when a store says to you that their store policy states that you cannot get a cash refund, you cannot get an exchange, that is a violation of the Consumer Protection Act, the existing one.”

The number of complaints lodged with the CPC has increased due to their education campaign. Prior to September the CPC received two complaints a month since the campaign has launched there is an average of 15 complaints a month.