Corner Bank Receives Int’l Recognition


From: Concepts Marketing

Cornèr Bank (Overseas) Ltd. has been named #1 by the International Investor for Best Private Banking Services and Excellence Banking Innovation in The Bahamas for 2022. This makes the second occasion in recent years that the Bank has been awarded for Best Private Banking Services, having also received the prestigious award in 2020.

Cornèr Bank CEO, Christine Russell, shared, “We are honored to again receive this designation. At Cornèr Bank, we prioritize innovation and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We believe that these priorities, combined with the unwavering commitment of our team of industry professionals, are what position the Bank to continue to excel on, not only on a local but on a global level.”

Expressing gratitude, Russell noted, “We are very grateful to our team of industry leading professionals at Cornèr Bank, who work tirelessly to provide pioneering, tailor-made wealth management and investment solutions for our clients.  We salute the team and also thank our most valuable clients for entrusting us with their financial goals.” 

Innovation is not new for Cornèr Bank. When the Central Bank of The Bahamas relaxed exchange controls, Cornèr Bank launched its Cornèrtrader platform in 2018, allowing Bahamians and residents within The Bahamas to invest in foreign currencies on the international markets. This revolutionized the way Bahamians and residents in The Bahamas interact with international markets.

Russell explained, “Since its launch, we have guided our clients through the use of the Cornèrtrader system and taken pride in giving less savvy investors a gateway to new trading and investment opportunities.”

“We are continuously innovating and updating our product offerings and adapting to new requirements and new trends; our digital platform is also in continuous development. We balance innovation with a focus on the human factor, building long-term relationships based on trust, we work alongside our clients to find the ideal solution for their wealth management goals,” Mrs. Russell explained.

Russell concluded, “Cornèr Bank will continue to set the standard in the local and global financial services market. Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, we commit to continually create and deliver the financial solutions of the future.”