CV Bethel Graduation Concerns


Thirty four students of the 2023 graduating class of C. V. Bethel Senior High School were barred from participating in the graduation ceremony. School Principal Harcourt McCoy said the students were involved in an incident in March.

Parents of the students shared their frustrations with ZNS News. Jacqueline Hield said, “I’m one of the parent of the children who was not allowed to be graduated today. The reason being is because they went to a little AirBNB ditch day party. The principal Mr. McCoy took away their rights for that and did not make them march and they’re here in their robe. We paid for everything and he did not refund the money.”

Dr. Preston Cunningham is the grandparent of a student at the school. He said, “I feel proud to come to discover that we have so many bright minds around us who are still striving for excellence, even though we are in the midst of a turbulent time. We see the lack of respect displayed by many.”

According to sources a video depicting the barred students allegedly consuming alcohol and other negative behaviour was in circulation and parents were called in. The District Superintendent also agreed to the punishments issued by the school that including not participating in the graduation ceremony.