The Bahamas Triathlon Association National Championships took place over the weekend at Goodman’s Bay. It served as a test event for the CARIFTA Triathlon and Aquathon happening later this year in The Bahamas.

Head Coach of the Sea Waves Triathlon Club Shirley Mireault said, “we have CARIFTA here in August so we yesterday we had a lot of kids we brought from swimming clubs who run as well. We’re trying to fill out our team so The Bahamas gets more medals this year. We brought some new kids into the aquathlon and that was great, even some of our triathletes they said bring this child or that child because I know their good even if they beat me we want to get medals for The Bahamas and I’m liking that spirit. We’re getting a lot more kids involved. Today’s the triathlon its the last trials for triathlon but we have one more trials for aquathlon which is swim and run. We going to be at the Betty Kelly Kenning Aquatics Center and the surrounding grounds on Saturday afternoon the 20th of May that will be the last qualifier and than they’ll name that teams for this year’s CARIFTA aquathon and triathlon.”