Deputy Governor General Takes Part In Emancipation Day Service


Deputy to the Governor General, Cynthia Pratt, took part in an ecumenical service held to commemorate Emancipation Day held on the Fox Hill Parade. Mrs. Pratt gave remarks at the event where she said, “the history of events such as this must be passed on to our children and to generations yet unborn. We must not let it die. May we never ever forget the burden of our ancestors, who endured slavery and yet persevered. May we all be ever mindful that it was on their bended backs and their bruised and broken bodies that we do enjoy the freedom today.”

Also on hand at the event was the Hon. Fred Mitchell, Member of Parliament for Fox Hill and Minister of the Public Service and Foreign Affairs. He told those in attendence, “we have miles to go before we sleep and there is still a legacy in our country of depression, deprivation, prejudice against people of African descent. And we must never forget what happened when African slaves were brought by their millions against their will to the Caribbean and The Bahamas and got no pay, they were treated as property. They said they freed the slaves but they gave the owners money and the slaves nothing.

The sermon for the service was delivered by Father Reginald Demeritte. This year’s marks the 188th anniverary of Emancipation Day.