DHHS Donates 15 Desktop Computers to Programme S.U.R.E.


Doctors Hospital Health System (DHHS) today made a donation of $15,000 to Programme S.U.R.E. in the form of 15 desktop computers and other accessories through the Doctors Hospital Meyer Rassin Foundation (DHMRF).

Programme S.U.R.E. was established by the late Dr. Bernard Nottage in 1992 with a focus on modifying the behaviour of disruptive male students aged fourteen to sixteen and returning them to the mainstream school system within three months.

DHHS President and CEO Dr. Charles Diggiss said, “At DHHS we believe adamantly in the importance of education. Similarly, we believe that every effort should be made to provide educational opportunities for all, especially for students who have been deemed ‘disruptive’.” We believe that these students are temporarily distracted and displaced but not destroyed. DHHS will continue to support programme SURE in getting these young men “back on track”. DHHS Board Member Mrs. Elma Garraway added, “Programme S.U.R.E. has made such a positive impact on our community for almost thirty years. When they approached us with a request to provide assistance we saw it as an opportunity to give back in a most impactful way.”

The donation by DHHS to Programme S.U.R.E. will assist in outfitting their computer lab with the latest in technology ensuring that students are given equal access to technology and equal opportunity to succeed. With this upgrade in hardware students will be able to have access to online libraries, Mathematics and Language Arts programs etc.