Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources to assess state of environment following air tanker and yacht collision at sea


The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources received information on the collision of the yacht Utopia VI and the gas tanker Tropic Breeze on December 24th, 2021.

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources advises that the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection (DEPP) will be participating in the reconnaissance operation organized by the Ministry of Transport and Housing, to conduct an assessment of the state of the environment and to determine the extent of any environmental impacts.

Follow-up assessments will be conducted as necessary and reports will be made to the relevant agencies. In keeping with the mandate of the DEPP, recommendations will be made to provide for, and ensure, the integrated protection of the environment of The Bahamas.

We are particularly concerned about the state of the environment surrounding the collision site. After the assessment, and based on the finding, the standard operating procedures will be deployed. Every avenue is being explored to make certain our marine environment has not been damaged or compromised.

29th October 2021

Source: Ministry of the Environment & Natural Resources