FAMILY Courtesy Call on OPM and OSPM


In celebration of its 2 nd Anniversary and success of the Prime Minister proclaimed 2 nd Annual Bahamas National Family Week, National Organizational Development (NOD) Connections International and its non-profit arm Marriage Children Family Alliance (McFAM), Founder, Cheryl “Sister Cher” Walkine Alexandre along with officers, supporters and partners made a recent Courtesy Call on The Most Honourable Philip Brave Davis, Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and The Spouse of The Prime Minister, Mrs. Ann Marie Davis.

The social enterprise was birth, in direct response to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and onslaught of Covid 19. McFAM’s founder commented, “We felt is fitting and timely on the heels of the 3 rd Anniversary grand commemoration of Hurricane Dorian and toes of the 1 st Anniversary of the Davis/Cooper administration to recognize the nation’s leaders who are charged to blaze the trail in the emotional and economic recovery of families from these unprecedented security-rocking national and global events. In attendance at the Prime Minister’s visit was McFAM’s Chaplain and author of the Seeker’s Search Dream Interpretation book, Pastor Pamela Jones; well-known radio talk show commentator, Traditional Family advocate, Perry “Dr. P” McKenzie, and pioneer NOD Connections Supporter and graphic/print entrepreneur, Everette Strachan.

The group commended the Prime Minister on his inspirational family example, efforts, and administration’s “1 st year of remarkable governance”. They also shared concerns about the state of families in the country. Organizational Development (OD) and Marriage Family and Human Relations (MFHr) Consultant, Ms. Walkine-Alexandre determines there is a large percentage of Bahamian families having a “Faith and Patience crises”, where there is great fear and anxiousness perpetuated by adverse child experiences (ACEs) and extended unresolved family crisis with a root cause of family insecurity. She continues, “This leads to frustration, feelings of disenfranchisement, anger and destructive behaviours in family and society.”

Dr. P vehemently submits, “We must recognize there is an evil attack, liberalization, strong opposition of family values and traditions…it is not a popular topic or admission.” Everette Strachan III, who knows Prime Minister Davis’ children personally, spoke highly of witnessing the powerful impact of a consistent father presence in the lives of these off- springs. Pastor Jones shared the negative impact and her personal experience in Fatherless homes and as a Healthcare worker. The Pastor, Author and Law student remarked, “As the Father, Priest, Provider, and Protector of your family/our nation, PM Davis’ accomplishments embodies the hopes and aspirations for the children of The Bahamas.”

The group visiting the Office of The Spouse of The Prime Minister included partners of the launched Bahamas Strong Families Forever (BSFF) Campaign which aims through initiatives to address social problems with innovative solutions, collaboratively. Mrs. Anne Marie Davis warmly welcomed Ms. Erin Brown, Disabilities Inclusion Consultant, Erin Brown Connects, Disability Advocacy and Inclusion Management; Ms. D’Ondre Miller, Development Coordinator, Queen’s College Centre for Further Education-Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Effective Families; and Minister Stephanie Frith, Executive Director, Princess Court Ministries, Fort Charlotte (Advocates of girls’ sexual purity before and after marriage), along with McFAM’s Ms. Walkine-Alexandre and Pastor Pamela Jones.

Erin Brown shared her experiences of opposition and ridicule in advocating for disability inclusion of those most vulnerable and at-risk in families. She spoke of how she is combats, overcomes and, her positive influence. She stressed most passionately to Mrs. Davis, “We must have intentionality” in our voice and actions toward provision of resources and upliftment of families in The Bahamas. Erin, a limb difference individual and The Bahamas’ first Para triathlete was highly lauded as inspirational by Mrs. Davis.

The plaques presented to Prime Minister and Mrs. Davis reads in part, “May……Your Connection to The Love, Light and Truth of Our Eternal Father God Creator magnify your capacity to “Cultivate H.A.P.P.Y Families” (McFAM’s Mission) in our Beloved Bahamas and, by extension, of our Global World.” HAPPY is the non-profit organization signature acronym for Harmonious, Abundant, Productive, Progressive, YESable.

Y Leaders of the Nation’s first family, PM Davis and Mrs. Davis enthusiastically pledged their support for this national movement to transform the trajectory of families in our Bahamian society, leading up to The Bahamas’ 50th HAPPY Anniversary of Independence and beyond.

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