Ruby Ann Darling, the first woman to register to vote and the first female Member of Parliament for the Progressive Liberal Party was honoured at a gala ball. The event was held over the weekend at the Bahamar Resort under the patronage of Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis and his wife.

Mr. Davis spoke at the event expressing gratitude to Mrs. Darling and announcing her new appointment. “We are blessed, we are so blessed, Ruby Ann Darling, we thank you. We thank you thousands more times and I wish to say that I have instructed and directed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to appoint you madam as Ambassador for Women Affairs in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

In her response, Mrs. Darling challenged women saying, “its time for us to play our rightful role. We were put here to be helpers, to be partakers. And so we are on a mission, its women on a mission, as I said, we are not on an excursion, its a mission.”