The Disaster Reconstruction Authority [DRA] announced its Homeowners Assistance Relief Program [HARP] this past September. Work is set to begin in east Grand Bahama with the signing of new contract workers. Chairman of the DRA, Alex Storr was on the island where he launched the program in earnest. He said, “we hope it will have a multi-tiered effect, a metal effect on persons returning to normalcy. They can go in their houses now. They don’t have to worry about the rain coming through the roof and also having money in their pockets and being able to spend and support their families.”

Mr. Storr also addressed criticism of the lack of visibility of the DRA on Grand Bahama. He said, “it was important that we start on a good foundation and so we did fix the internal processes, that process is now complete. And now you see us, we are on the ground here, both here and in Abaco will begin shortly with the actually work.”

Those who are employed in the program expressed their gratitude of the opportunity.

Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Ginger Moxey was also at the signing event and expressed pleasure seeing that the DRA and Urban Renewal have started their respective home repair programs on Grand Bahama.