Vice Chairman of the Free National Movement, Richard Johnson has obtained a court order against the party’s leadership. Johnson was banned from attending council meetings last November by the party. He spoke to ZNS News about the court’s decision and his plans within the party.

Johnson said, “I am elated that in our country that our court systems could see that where there’s error and wrong and they can adjudicate over these matters. But I will tell you I feel encouraged to know that then persons who’ve supported me then still with me today. And there are a lot of people who are in our organization will say that you know, I been round from the UBP, I was round from Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, I was round from Kendal Issacs and Tommy T and Hubert Ingraham and Dr. Hubert Minnis. They’ve never seen nothing like this in this organization and they resent this type of leadership as relates to democracy in our party.”

Johnson went further stating, “I feel confident in my role in my position. If I were to consider, I am considering running for chairman of the party and that’s convention.”