The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service responded to comments made in a statement released by the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) on June 1st after Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Philip Davis said “decisive action” was needed on the GBPA during his 2023-2024 budget communication in the House of Assembly. The statement said in part, “GBPA would like to assure its licensees and the public that its remains steadfast in its commitment to the ongoing development and resurgence of Freeport.”

The Hon. Fred Mitchell responded while speaking at the Labour Day Parade in Grand Bahama this past Friday. He said, “so all the Prime Minister said in the House of Assembly a couple days ago was we think you’re not living up to the agreement. Yesterday, I saw a statement come out say you lied, that ain’ true, we are living up to the agreement, $1.5 billion they said and they named off a list. But Mr. Wilchcombe will tell you who’s responsible for that list, not them. The Bahamas government did that, not them.”

Mitchell further stated, “all we are saying to them today is until 2054 carry out your responsibilities according to the agreement.”