Cozetta Johnson, Principal of Garvin Tynes Primary School says that her school is 100% ready for face to face learning. The school has a complement of thirty five teachers and sixteen aids. Ms. Johnson said, “our students would have been out there, some of them did not come on virtually and so for that reason, we made sure we did everything in our power and, of course, the school is, as far as the government is concerned, we are ready, all of the summer repairs have been completed.”

Garvin Tynes is equipped with a unit dedicated to the education of autistic children. It has fifty four students, of which Ta’layah Davis is one. Ta’layah says that she is ready for school and she also knows the name of her teacher. Ta’layah’s mother is also ready for school to begin saying that she is excited and happy that her daughter will be back in school and resuming face to face learning.

Ms. Johnson says, “in the Autism Unit, teachers are prepared for them even though we know that they are behind, they are prepared. Because for each one of those students they have a special setup, special program set for individuals and so just where they are the teachers are going to take them from where they are and deal with them one on one.”