GB Minister welcomes students and teachers on first day of school

inister for Grand Bahama, Ginger Moxey welcomed students and parents at Hugh Campbell Primary School on Monday, August 28, 2023. Minister Moxey visited a number of schools on Grand Bahama, as students returned to the classroom for the new school year.

Minister for Grand Bahama, Ginger Moxey began the new school year with visits to several schools on the island, where she welcomed students and parents and chatted with teachers on Monday, August 28, 2023.

Minister Moxey gave kids “high-fives”, thanked parents who dropped off their children and offered some words of encouragement to teachers and students, as they trickled onto school grounds for the start of a new term. Before nine in the morning, Minister Moxey had visited Jack Hayward High School, The Beacon School and Hugh Campbell Primary School.

“This is the first day back in the classroom and I just wanted to be here to cheer the students on,” Minister Moxey told the press following her visit at Hugh Campbell Primary school. “I wanted to really encourage the students to focus on their schoolwork and to pay attention to their teachers and the instructions and do well and make us all proud.

“The students, I believe, are going to do very well, this school term. There was the look of a little fear or apprehension in the eyes of some of the kids, but I wanted to encourage them and bring them some comfort and let them know that all will be well. I think that the teachers are excited about the upcoming term.”

In her recent address to the nation on Sunday, August 27, Education Minister, Hon. Glennys Hanna-Martin pointed out that that tens of millions are invested into education each year in the Bahamas. Minister Moxey called that investment an important one not just for the students, but for the parents as well.

She acknowledged that children are the future and education is the key to success. As a result, she noted that it is important to ensure that students and teachers are equipped with the tools that they need to succeed in the classrooms.

“We want to ensure that all of the work that is necessary to get us to the place where we need to be educationally is done. We’re well on the way,” said Minister Moxey.

“The education minister has been focused on having the schools and the classrooms ready for this new term. I’m excited to have the kids back in school and I know that a lot of the parents are excited as well.”

As far as what she’s hoping for in this new term, Minister Moxey said she’s hoping that the national grade point average would improve. She’s also expecting that students at all grade levels would continue to focus on their studies and excel.

“I think that it is extremely critical that we pay attention to our kids. There are a lot of distractions out there that could pull our kids away. There’s a lot on the internet, but we need to get our children refocused on the classroom and their schoolwork.”

District Superintendent for Grand Bahama, Bimini and the Cays, Ivan Butler, who joined Minister Moxey on the school visits on Monday, said that it was important to let the public know that all of the schools in Grand Bahama, Bimini and the Cays opened successfully on the first day back.   He said there were no major problems as teachers and students returned to the classroom.

Butler said that there were some concerns among some members of the public that some schools would not be ready.

“But all of our schools were prepared and were able to welcome students today,” Butler told the media. “Schools will be in for the full day beginning today and teachers are ready to teach.

“We’re very pleased with the complement of teachers we have this year. We realize that there are a few shortages in our specialized, technical areas, but for the most part, the district has a full complement of teachers. We’re still moving one or two teachers around, but for the most part, things are going well.”

By ANDREW COAKLEY/Bahamas Information Services

Minister for Grand Bahama, Ginger Moxey (center) visited several schools on Grand Bahama on Monday, August 28, 2023. Minister Moxey stands with District Superintendent of Education for Grand Bahama, Bimini and the Cays, Ivan Butler (right) and Principal of Hugh Campbell Primary School, Tammy Ellis Elliott (left).