Stakeholders in the Gladstone Road area attended a townhall meeting held by the Ministry of Public Works on the proposed reconstruction of Gladstone Road.

Ministry of Public Works Assistant Engineer, Dion Munroe spoke on the expected work to be carried out. “There’s going to be utility relocation. There’s going to be base work. There’s going to be increased elevation. There’s going to be dual carriageway which means there is going to be four lanes, four new lanes. There’s going to be sidewalks. There’s going to be drainage. There’s going to be street lighting. There’s going to be a total transformation of what we see right now. It’s going to be similar to the other dual carriageways that we see on the island like Milo Butler or a gateway. Its going to be similar to those type corridors.”

The cost of the project is estimated at $25 million and is expected to take two to three years to complete.