Government seeks public-private partnership as potential option in rebuilding Grand Bahama airport


The government continuing negotiations on the Grand Bahama International Airport, which was severely damaged during hurricane Dorian.

Tourism Minister, the Hon. Dionisio D’aguilar says a public-private partnership is ideal for that major port of entry into the country.

“The acquisition of that airport by the government isn’t going to necessary solve all of the problems in the short-term.

“That airport needs lots of investment; tens of millions of dollars and so government has to identify how best to do that.

“We are using public-private partnerships in the development of our airports.

“Our airports need about a quarter of a billion dollars of investment and there is no way that the state can do that on its own.

“So we’re going to have to use public-private partnerships, people to invest in our infrastructure, in much same way doing in cruise port of Nassau but to enter into partnerships to bring about the development of these important infrastructure” he said.