Great Commission Ministries is well known for its philanthropic endeavours especially feeding those that are in need. Founder of Great Commission, Bishop Walter Hanchell tells ZNS News that 2000 meals were served on Thanksgiving this year. He also said that November is Great Commission Ministries month “as proclaimed by Prime Minister, Philip Davis.”

The Minister and Minister of State of Social Services and Urban Development visits the Commission on what was Great Commission Day. Substantive minister, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe said, “we have seen the many crisis that we have faced over many years and there have been those who have responded. They have put their actions into words and their words into action. What they’ve done effectively is they’ve reached out, they’ve called people in, they’ve been able to feed the people and the particular ministry has done an exceptional job. Because we don’t seem to appreciate the realities of what exists in our country. Many would want to pretend as if we don’t have poverty but yes we do. They’d want to pretend that we don’t have women who are hurting because of domestic violence but yes they are. Young children who can’t get to school because of many circumstances including a lack of food. So we do have issues and when we see individuals take on these challenges and they make a difference then we have to celebrate.”

Bishop Hanchell made an appeal to Corporate Bahamas and the public for donations and pledges to help the ministry continue its work.