Haitian nationals charged for illegal landing


Those eleven Haitian nationals arrested following last Thursday’s multi-agency operation over in Abaco were yesterday formally charged.

Jack Pierre, Claude Calixte, Joseph Jean Baptist, Nicla Petithomme, Lucien Delia, Kasandra Felix and Estafanise Jean all pleaded guilty to illegal landing and were subsequently convicted.

They were fined $300 each failure to cough up the money could lead to a 12-month prison stint.

Richardson jean maintained his innocence to illegal landing. He was remanded until trial.

Livens Salomon, Ifraide Esteve and Jean Louis fessed up to overstaying and were jailed as well.

The men were fined $1,800, $1,300 and $1,200 respectively. Failure to pay could find them serving 12 months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

Now, upon payment of fines or custodial sentences, the group will be turned over the Department of Immigration for deportation.