Health Teams assists with preventative measures in Exuma following Social Media Reports


The Ministry of Health & Wellness (MOH&W) is aware of the circulation of a social media post concerning mandatory COVID-19 testing at a local high school in Exuma. Yesterday (13th February 2023), a local high school in Exuma issued a notice regarding mandatory COVID-19 testing for a group of students.

This morning, senior representatives from the Ministry of Health & Wellness travelled to Exuma to assess the status and add another layer of support. Meetings were held between the health team from New Providence and the local health team and the local administrator’s office.

The Ministry wishes to advise that concurrent with protocols that have already been effected via a local health team on the ground, the matter is being managed with guidance and support from senior health officials and the National Communicable Disease Surveillance Unit (NSU), MOH&W. There are a total of twelve (12) active cases and twenty-two (22) persons have been quarantined as direct contacts. It is not the recommendation of the MOH&W to mandate testing for entire groupings in schools (classes) or the workplace without proper contact tracing and risk assessment.

The Ministry of Health & Wellness, notes that although there has been a decline in COVID-19 cases within The Bahamas, it continues to be vigilant in its efforts to protect its citizenry from all illnesses of public health concern and is guided by protocols and guidelines stated under the Health Services Act.

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