HG Christie (HGC) continues to support local cultural events

Posing With the PM Prime Minister the Hon. Philip Davis was among several government officials who traveled to Cat Island to participate in the welcome ceremony of this year's Regatta. PM Davis and his contingent pose for a quick photo alongside HGC Agent Nikita Shiel-Rolle. (Photos courtesy of HGC for Barefoot Marketing)

For more than six decades, the Cat Island Regatta has provided an opportunity to showcase the qualities that make Cat Islanders truly unique while also celebrating all things Bahamian. After a two-year hiatus, the cultural festivities officially kicked off over the Emancipation holiday weekend with throngs of sailing enthusiasts, Bahamian foodies, vendors and visitors who travelled from far and wide to participate.

Also returning to the New Bight regatta site this year was one of the event’s premier sponsors HG Christie (HGC). With an established reputation as a long-time supporter of cultural events, the company returned to the roots planted by its founder Sir Harold G Christie; who not only served as the Island’s representative in Parliament for 40 years but was also instrumental in establishing the now annual regatta tradition.

“We’ve been here since the inception,” explained HGC President and Managing Broker John Christie. “We value, above all else, our local communities and so we’re so happy to be able to continue to give our support to the communities we serve.” In addition to having a team member on the ground for this year’s festivities, HGC provided financial support to the Cat Island regatta committee as well.

“Cat Island is truly a second home to me,” said HG Christie estate agent Nikita Shiel-Rolle. Rolle who leads the company’s on-island operations represented the company at the welcome ceremony.

“The energy at this year’s regatta was truly unmatched” Rolle exclaimed. “After two years of Covid lockdowns, everyone was truly excited to be able to mix and mingle and celebrate in a way that only Cat Islanders know how.”

The Cat Island regatta was the second such cultural event to receive support from HG Christie so far this year. The company was also present at the official start of regatta season which kicked off on Long Island back in June 2022. In addition to its usual financial donation, the company also provided branded gear to the sailing crew of ‘The New Legend’ who were crowned the overall Class A champions.

The exciting return of events such as the national regattas also happen to coincide with HG Christie’s 100th anniversary. “As we continue to celebrate our 100th anniversary, we look forward to even more opportunities to support our islands and our culture,” Christie noted. “Not only is this a great way to celebrate our legacy but our support of this event helps push that legacy forward – we are so proud to see the
regattas coming back.”

Source: Barefoot Marketing

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