Minister of State for the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle announced promotion exercises to be carried out within the public service last week while appearing at a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Responding to public criticism of the move by the government Minister Glover-Rolle addressed the subject again while speaking in the House of Assembly on Wednesday. She said, “I suspect that if we were doing three promotions, they would say why you ain’ doing four. If we were doing ten promotions they would say why you ain’ doin’ eleven. So Madam Speaker at a certain point seems that people just have stuff to say to be relevant. We will not be distracted. We will not be deterred. We have real work to get done and we don’t have time to play one up games with anyone.”

Glover-Rolle further stated, “while public servant promotions are often halted because of government financial constraints we should be very careful and strategic with how these pauses on promotions are handled going forward. These pauses in promotions have created a hollow middle, Madam Speaker, where there is talent at the top a lot of talent at the clerical level but not nearly enough middle level managers.”

According to the minister the reorganization of all human resource personnel in government to the Ministry of the Public Service is underway. “Through centralization we will achieve a uniformed approach to HR management throughout every ministry and every agency. As a part of this exercise we will pull all public servants with HR credentials into these newly formed HR units to take full advantage of their HR talent throughout the government,” Glover-Rolle said.