As The Bahamas remembers the passage of Hurricane Dorian survivors of the storm are recounting their experiences. One such survivor is Pastor Abner Meus of the House of Grace For All Nations located in Grand Bahama, who spoke to ZNS news on the third anniversary of Hurricane Dorian.

Pastor Meus said that, “Dorian did not come to leave us, Dorian come to take us away.” Meus’ church was destroyed in the storm. he says that only the pulpit remained with the Bible opened to Psalm 91. Meus’ says, “from that time I recognize Psalm 91, this is a Psalm for war. I left the Bible open and Psalm 91 in the pulpit at the church. After Dorian, I went to the church, I found the Bible still at Psalm 91 with the pulpit, nothing happen.”

The Pastor said he felt led by the holy spirit to anoint the church and open the Bible to Psalm 91 and though the church was flooded and equipment and furniture lost the pulpit and the Bible were not moved. He went on saying, “I still don’t understand what’s going on. So afterwards, when I checked on that I realized when the water get in the building it lift up the pulpit, after the water get out and then bring the pulpit down because the words stand in the pulpit.”

The third anniversary of Dorian meets Pastor Meus with a new church with the Bible still opened to Psalm 91. To commemorate the anniversary Pastor Meus is hosting a seven day church event.