Wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Anne Marie Davis visited several organizations on International Women’s Day. Mrs. Davis was accompanied by Minister of State for Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Lisa Rahming.

While at the Persis Rodgers Home For The Aged, Mrs. Davis spoke to reporters saying, “we cannot forget our elderly. We cannot forget the people that brought us here, the people that helped to build this nation. As we call the women the bedrock of the society.”

For her part Minister Rahming said, “I feel so good to be amongst the seniors cause often times people forget about them. And I look at them as I’m the daughter of them and they’re the mothers of Zion, I’m the daughter of Zion. And so I feel great, even as a government, we want them to know we love them and we care for them. And you know its also a clarion call to all that when you have time come on down at the Persis Rodgers Home and contribute.”

Mrs. Davis and Minister Rahming also visited the Bahamas Crisis Center.