Head of the Sexual Offences Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Altida Bowles sat down with reporter Korvell Pyform on Thursday to discuss investigating sexual crimes.

Contrary to the amount of attention such crimes are receiving of late, Bowles says, “you have more reported matters compared to back then but its been going on for a while.” She continued, “so its been going on.  Its now that you see an increase in reports because now they know there’s help out there and this is wrong and we need to report it. So building a rapport is important and providing that reassurance.  We also have social services involved.  Anything that we do with children we always use social services.  They are a big part of our investigation and securing our children.”

The Assistant Superintendent of Police elaborated on sexual violence against children.  “So this child has grown up believing what my father or mother has done to me, this is right and that’s why they never report it.”

Bowles advises that parents should report matters and not take it upon themselves to resolve matters within the home and that if there are no repercussions the offences will reoccur.