The Sweeting’s Cay Homecoming Committee is speaking out to address a brawl caught on camera at their event.  They told ZNS News that the incident should not overshadow the success of the event.

Head of Public Relations for the committee, Heather Feaster said, “we want the positive light to be shed on what took place on August 12th in Sweeting’s Cay.”

She continued saying, “our purpose for being here is to clear the way the name of Sweeting’s Cay is used and to put a picture out there for persons not when they hear the name Sweeting’s Cay don’t always think negatively because that is not what we are about. Like we said, we couldn’t control what take place.  These things happen all the time.”

Police Press Liaison Officer Assistant Superintendent of Police Stephen Rolle provided details of the brawl.  “Three females were taken into custody along with an adult male and second adult male is being sought in regards to this matter.  I can say that the male thus far has been charged before the court and other charges are pending for the females and the additional adult male,” he said.

Committee Vice Chairman Floyd Feaster assures that the people of Sweeting’s Cay are nice people and that the incident did not involve anyone from Sweeting’s Cay.  He said what was seen in the video is not what the Sweeting’s Cay Committee stands for.