The Public Hospitals Authority has announced that investigations have been launched into the death of Kenise Darville. Managing Director, Aubynette Rolle spoke to reporters on the issue. “I have reached out to the next of kin, which is the husband, I’ve not received a call yet to really have a sit down conversation with him one on one to also hear his concerns. We’ve also listened to the messages that were on social media and we’ve also moved towards devising some plan to improve. Some of those elements include, I’ve been talking to civil organizations over the weekend on how we could deal with the issues of lack of blood in the country.”

Rolle went further stating, “even if they do donate those blood have to be cross matched and then you can only receive blood for which you are able to receive. And so once the investigation is complete we will give the factual information to the husband and we will also lay over to the community what we are doing as a health care system to improve the process.”