The Bahamas Society For Human Resource Management (BSHRM) is partnering with the Department of Labour to host a job readiness initiative beginning on April 19th.

President of BSHRM, Esaura Cumberbatch spoke to ZNS News about the upcoming event. She said, “the Bahamas Society For Human Resource Management is really excited to be partnering and collaborating with the Department of Labour on the workforce readiness initiative. And what it is now, you would have seen in recent years that we’ve had a lot of job fairs but the challenge is with the job fairs are these employers that are participating in these fairs really finding persons that meet the requirement or the standards that they are looking for. I think that the response to that from the majority of employers would be no. And so we’ve seen that, we’ve heard the feedback and what we want to do now is focus on getting persons equipped for the opportunity.”

Cumberbatch also provided details of the upcoming event saying, “how do you maintain that job? How do you set yourself up for success to be considered that star employee or the one that goes above and beyond? Knowing what to do what you should not do and just having a great understanding of the work environment and expectations. And so all of this is what we plan to cover in those sessions. Its going to be over a two day period, so its the 19th to the 20th. And for the general public its not something that’s a one and done. So if you feel as though, I’m not available for this time, I’m gonna miss this opportunity, this is the first of many.”