The Make It Make Sense Program has been launched to target at risk young men in the country.

The program is headed by Consultant in the Ministry of National Security, Dr. Carlos Reid, who said, “we have a number of issues going on in our junior high school and our senior high school. What we decided to do is to be able to bring all of the, what they consider to be, most influential troublemakers together in a seminar where we’re hoping to shift minds, deal with conflict resolution, anger management.”

The goal is to equip participants with the tools to make better choices.

Dr. Reid explained, “we have this culture going on in this country with gangs where these young people are gravitating more to these anti social behaviours. Our endeavour is to break that because its costing us too much money down at BDOCS now. Its costing the Bahamian public $20,000 for every inmate in prison. We spend $20,000 just feeding inmates. Our goal and our desire is to be able to cut that so we can take that money and invest that some place else and make it something productive in society.”

One hundred sixty students from eight junior high schools participated in the youth symposium for at risk males.