A man on bail for attempted murder was shot outside of a gym at the Harbour Bay Shopping Center on Monday evening.

Police Press Liaison Officer Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings was on the scene where she briefed reporters. She said, “it’s time now for the bloodshed to stop.” Skippings continued, “let me just say how disgusted I am tonight with this particular incident occurring here yet within a shopping plaza where members of the public traverse on a daily basis. This is unacceptable and this will not be tolerated.”

According to police the victim was leaving the gym when a light colored car pulled up and the occupants opened fire at him. He died on the scene.

Chief Superintendent Skippings further stated, “earlier this year the victim was also shot. He was in our custody, detectives spoke with him, but he failed to provide the intelligence needed to resolve whatever conflict there was between him and the alleged perpetrators. The young man tonight is known to police and he was on bail for an attempted murder. We are investigating as indicated and I welcome the support of the Bahamian people in this fight against crime.”

Skippings appealed to parents saying, “the same weapons that your sons use to injure other people. These weapons will be turned on you if you fail to come forward and provide police with the intelligence. We are here to prevent these incidents from occurring.”