The Minister of Works and Family Island Affairs has announced the demolition of two shantytowns set for Monday, November 6th.

At a press conference held at the Office of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Clay Sweeting said, “let this action be a clear and unequivocal message that the government of The Bahamas has a zero tolerance policy towards illegal and unregulated structures. Such establishments not only pose significant risks to their inhabitants but also compromises safety and ordinary development of our nation.”

Eviction notices were served on October 2nd in the two shantytowns located in New Providence. Until the structures are demolished, security will be provided by the Royal Bahamas Police and Defence Forces and Ministry of Works officials will ensure that residents have fully vacated.

Sweeting said, “the focus will also be on assisting individuals remaining in these areas up to the last possible moment before demolition. On the day of demolition, strict access control will be enforced to ensure that safety of the process. After the demolition, we will engage in a thorough assessment to assure the site remain secure against reestablishment of unregulated structures.”

The November 6th demolitions will take place in Cool Acres and All Saint Way Shantytowns.