A man on bail for murder was shot and killed on Market Street in the area of Deveaux Street on Monday.

Police Press Liaison Officer Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings was on the scene where she briefed reporters about the incident.  She said, “information received was that the victim was walking west across Market Street when a black small Japanese type vehicle pulled along side him.  It is reported that two males, both were in hooded jackets, both with handguns, exited the vehicle and fired multiple shots at the victim which resulted in him being shot and succumbing to his injuries on scene.  The victim is known to police.  He’s also being monitored electronically and he is presently on bail for murder and drugs.”

The Chief Superintendent also appealed to the general public saying, “it’s time for you as good citizens of your community to reach out to the police department, reach out to the officers from the Criminal Investigations Department and provide them with the information so that we can locate the perpetrator but also that we can remove the firearms and drugs from our country. As long as there is drugs, as long as their are firearms we will see these matters continue. One murder is just too much, that’s a human life, that’s a human being and that person has a right to life just like any of us.  If there is something that is wrong then the courts are responsible to do justice.”

This is the 79th murder for the year in The Bahamas.