Min. of the Environment & Natural Resources calls on personal stewardship for World Environment Day

Minister of the Environment & Natural Resources the Hon. Vaughn P. Miller plants a mangrove tree in Bonefish Pond

Minister of the Environment & Natural Resources the Hon. Vaughn P. Miller is busy setting an example of personal stewardship for the environment in honor of World Environment Day (JUNE 5). He has engaged in a major community clean-up campaign; planted mangroves; and gave thanks with the Ministry’s staff. He then traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to attend the BRS Conventions and the UN Stockholm +50 Conventions as the world seeks to protect human health and the environment.

Celebrating 50 years in 2022, World Environment Day gives a clarion call for global citizens to work together to take action, spread awareness about environmental conservation, and appreciate the value of nature in our lives. The theme this year is “Only One Earth – Living Sustainably, in Harmony with Nature”. By focusing on personal stewardship, Minister Miller believes each individual can make their own environment better and by extension, they can impact their communities, the nation, and the world. As a part of his personal campaign to make a difference in the environment, Minister Miller has been getting hands-on in his constituency with a large-scale clean-up

campaign. His most recent campaign took place along the main road of Coral Harbour. The efforts made a dramatic difference that residents were elated for. They feel safer walking and exercising, now that the area has been cleaned of years of tree and shrub overgrowth. He also had the opportunity to plant mangroves along with representative of the Office of the Spouse, Mrs. Ann-Marie Davis on World Wetlands Day. During Forestry Week, Minister Miller, along with Minister of State for the Environment, the Hon. Basil McIntosh took a very painful but informative visit to the aftermath of the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

Minister Miller made the call for personal stewardship for the environment at Transformation Ministries International, where the staff of the Ministry of the Environment & Natural Resources gathered to celebrate World Environment Day in a special commemorative church service on Sunday, May 29, 2022.

“As we think about what is happening to our earth: pollution of our air, seas and lands, heat waves, loss of species, sea level rise, droughts, and hurricanes, we ask that you think about making smart actions and decisions which can heal our earth,” he said.

The Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources (MERN) is celebrating World Environment Day with a slate of activities during the month of June. They include: a farming tour on June 9; a Fun Run/Walk on June 11; a landfill tour on June 13; a family Island visit on June 15; and an Environmental Expo at Botanical Gardens on June 22.

Minister Miller attended a high-level meeting established only for Ministers of Environment from various countries for the respective parties at the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions and the UN Stockholm +50 Conventions in Stockholm, Sweden.

To stay informed of all activities in commemoration of World Environment Day, visit the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources on Facebook.

More photo highlights below:

Ministers Vaughn Miller and Basil McIntosh view the devastation of the pine forest in Abaco due to Hurricane Dorian

Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources staff gather at Transformation Ministries Intl. to commemorate World Environment Day

Minister Miller gets hands-on in the clean-up campaign for Coral Harbour and Adelaide

Ministry staff giving thanks and praise at World Environment Day church service

Minister Vaughn Miller and Director of the Department of Environmental Health Services Melony McKenzie tour a landfill in Eleuthera