Min. Dames Lauds New Electronic Upgrades Contract Signings for the Judiciary

(BIS Photos / Eric Rose)

During the Citizens Security and Justice Program Judiciary LAN/WAN and Electrical Upgrades Contract Signing, on July 8, 2021, Minister of National Security the Hon. Marvin Dames said that he was honored to bring remarks at the contract signing between the firms Walker’s Industries and Network Cabling and the Ministry of National Security, to provide LAN/WAN and electrical upgrades, within the Bahamas Judiciary.

“The Citizen Security and Justice Program is a loan facility funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and executed by the government of the Bahamas through the Ministry of National Security to facilitate the continued response to the mandate of contributing to the reduction of crime and violence in the Bahamas,” Minister Dames noted. “This program has four components that seek to address the prevalence of violent crimes in communities, decrease youth unemployment, strengthen justice services
and reduce recidivism.”

Among those present from the Government for the contract signings were The Hon. Chief Justice of The Bahamas Sir Brian Moree; Acting Permanent Secretary Cheryl Darville; Registrar of the Supreme Court Camille Darville- Gomez; Deputy Registrar Constance Delancy; and CSJP Project Manager Dr. Dorcas Cox.

Minister Dames added that Component 3 of the CSJP was entitled, “Strengthening institutional capabilities for more efficient justice services.” That Component, he said, was designed to align with The Judiciary’s vision for a higher functioning court system.

“Through multi-organizational collaborative efforts, this vision is now being actualized in the form of an ongoing transformation initiative called COMRIN – Court Modernization & Reform Initiative,” Minister Dames said.

“Through the CSJP, the Ministry of National Security has prioritized these efforts and have partnered with the Judiciary to achieve several milestones that have brought us here today.” Minister Dames noted that, in December 2020, The Ministry of National
Security signed two contracts totally approximately $2.4 million to develop and implement an Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) and to completely digitize the Judiciary’s filing system with the conversion of paper documents to digital files. Those technological advancements were now helping to realize the Chief Justice’s vision for a higher functioning
court system, he said.

“During the past six months, the firms hired to complete those works have been designing and developing the product and preparing for its implementation,” Minister Dames said. “Fortunately, we have now reached the implementation stage for which more infrastructure is necessary.

“Today’s contract signings will activate two local vendors to provide the necessary LAN/WAN and electrical upgrades to various spaces within the Judiciary to facilitate the implementation of the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS), the launch of a Digitization Unit and the expansion of the Bahamas Judicial Education Institute.”

Minister Dames pointed out that part of the CSJP’s mandate was to implement sustainable mechanisms for crime reduction. “We believe that leveraging the digital environment to reimagine critical judicial tasks will contribute to swifter justice delivery and promote efficiency across all justice services,” he said.

“Additionally, embracing technology for the betterment of the Bahamian people will encourage confidence in our court proceedings and inspire trust in the Judiciary.” Minister Dames extended congratulations to the two firms, and thanked them for lending their expertise to support the Judiciary and the Bahamas government in creating a more efficient and technology-driven justice

“To the Chief Justice and the Bahamas Judiciary, I extend gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of National Security for your continued visionary approach to justice reform in the Bahamas,” he said. “I also wish to congratulate you on the expansion of your institute which I am certain will serve to enhance the delivery of justice in the Bahamas for many years to come, through continued education and training of judicial officers.” Minister Dames said that he continues to be proud of the work being executed through the Citizen Security and Justice Program.

“The Ministry of National Security, The Bahamas Judiciary and the entire network of coordinating agencies, ministries and stakeholders within the CSJP are contributing to historic investments that future generations will benefit from,” he said. “We are making the Bahamas a better place to live, and I am honored to be a part of this endeavor.”