Ministry of Tourism’s annual Winter Residents Receptions are back


The Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation (MOTIA) is pleased to announce the return of its annual Winter Residents
Receptions, across The Islands of The Bahamas, following a two-year break due to the COVID – 19 pandemic. The purpose of these social events is to celebrate and express appreciation to second homeowners on the Family Islands. Receptions are scheduled for 28 Feb. – 10 April 2023, every year, beginning with Abaco and ending with Andros.

Latia Duncombe, Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation, said, “The Winter Residents Programme is an essential component of our tourism product, and the Ministry of Tourism’s Executive Team is committed to growing these events, so our friends across the globe will see that The Bahamas is the best destination for a second home.”

During the Reception, Winter Residents will have the occasion to mix and mingle with Tourism Executives, MOTIA staff and People-to-People volunteers. Guests will also have a unique opportunity to sample tasty Bahamian dishes and beverages, including special culinary presentations on each island.

Live performances of Bahamian music by local artists, Junkanoo Rushouts, Bahamian Dance Along, Bahamian Karaoke and Bahamian Trivia are just a taste of what can be expected at this year’s Winter Residents Reception.

The aim of the Winter Residents Reception is to nurture communication and the exchange of ideas between locals and guests from around the world, with the goal of increasing knowledge and understanding of cultural and historical elements of each island, while increasing second home ownership.

The Ministry invites all Winter Residents throughout The Islands of The Bahamas to come and enjoy a wholesome afternoon of treats, drinks, comradery and warm Bahamian hospitality.