Spring break is a busy time in the country for tourism. Each year those in the industry look forward to an influx of visitors to fill hotel rooms, restaurants and other attractions.

ZNS News spoke to a number of people visiting The Bahamas this weekend. Riley Churchin said, “we just got in on a cruise ship this morning but we went to Coco Cay yesterday, that was amazing. We head back to Miami tonight, tomorrow. Buy yeah, we’re just enjoying the beach and the beautiful blue water.”

Another visitor Zoe Bennett said, “we just wanted to get away from the cold from North Dakota so yeah, just wanted some warmth, some beaches.”

According to owner of the Tiki Hut Byron Austin business has been booming. “Spring break has been incredible and I think its great for all of us so all of the vendors on the beach, myself included and the other thirty two vendors they’ve been enjoying it so its been excellent really. And we’ve been really preparing for it for a long time. We missed it last year and we’re into it this year and I think its doing well.”

Austin went further saying, “we’ve been trending number one on Trip Advisor so we put our best foot forward. So I think its important to all of us as Bahamians to really do our best and do our part in our number one industry and I think its paying off.”