While contributing to debate in the House of Assembly former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Killarney, the Most Hon. Hubert Minnis claimed that Bahamasair is missing millions of dollars.

He said, “Brave Davis tax and the Brave Davis inflation are squeezing every red cent out of the Bahamian populace while millions of dollars have disappeared from Bahamasair by travel agents in Haiti. Travel agents and baggage handlers, millions of Bahamians tax payers money has disappeared and they have remained quiet. Where has the money gone? While money has disappeared we the tax payers must pay.”

The Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper responded to the claims of the former Prime Minister. “I am advised that former Prime Minister Minnis made some assertions that there was money missing in Haiti. This comment was irresponsible. There is no missing money. There is an ongoing reconciliation matter. The amount is in the range of $500,000. The former Prime Minister indicated that it was millions of dollars missing. If he know where the millions are we’ll be happy to recover it but Bahamasair has indicated that the amount in question is in the region of $500,000. Its a reconciliation matter. The matter is sitting on an account in Haiti and they expect that it will be fully recovered by the end of this week.”