After residents spoke out on the unreliability of the water on Moore’s Island, the Member of Parliament, the Hon. John Pinder is assuring those affected that this issue will be addressed.

Mr. Pinder told ZNS News, “it has been troublesome that over a half a decade that they’ve had water issues. I know for many years the water has been going off around 8:30. I have been working very closely with the Chairman for the Water and Sewerage Corporation in finding out how we can rectify and fix these problems. We’ve had pumps breakdown, we’ve had people on the ground quite a few times. At this point I know that they are trying to facilitate the transport of a drill rig that can accommodate the depth needed to bolster the fields.”

Pinder says that once the infrastructure issues are addressed he plans to bring tourism to Moore’s Island. He says that he has spoken with residents who agree that the island is more than a commercial fisheries island and that it can have a successful tourism economy.

On the water issue, the Member of Parliament and the Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation are planning to visit Moore’s Island.