Dr. Carlos Reid was the guest speaker at the meeting of the Rotary Club of Southeast Nassau this week where he addressed the issue of crime.

Reid told Rotarians, “persons that incarcerated, based on the recidivist rate gonna end up back in prison. So that means that we spend $500,000 on them and we don’t do something with their mindset, we gat to get ready to put another $500,000 aside for them. Systematic approaches require systematic solutions.”

The National Security consultant also said, “I’ve suggested to the ministry that we now get some of these inmates and send them over to BAMSI so they could be able to start growing their own food so we don’t have to be paying that. It costing us $20,000 a week. We don’t need to be spending that of money. So that is correct, we now are looking at how do we make BDOCS a proper correctional facility.”