Mr. Quinton H.F. Laroda Appointed As New Director of Labour

Pictured is Mr. Quinton H.F. Laroda, newly appointed Director of Labour.

The Ministry of Labour is pleased to announce that Mr. Quinton H.F. Laroda has been appointed as Director of Labour with effect the 1 st of September, 2021. Mr. Laroda is a veteran educator and trained teacher who has served in the Ministry of Education and the Public Service for 22 years. Mr. Laroda has distinguished himself in the education field teaching both high school students as well as students at the tertiary level.

Mr. Laroda is also a seasoned trade unionist who has served within the Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) for a number of years.

He has had an opportunity to serve as a Shop Steward in the BUT from 2001 to 2002; an Executive Member of the BUT from 2002-2005 and eventually Area Vice President. He also served as Fourth Vice President of the National Congress of Trade Unions Bahamas (NCTUB) as well as Co-Chair of the Coalition for Labour, Northern Region.

Mr. Laroda is a trade unionist at heart who has represented the concerns of workers at all levels of society. He has successfully negotiated numerous conciliations at the Department of Labour. Additionally, he was successful in winning several cases at the Industrial Tribunal.

Mr. Laroda has also conducted many seminars and workshops on Labour Relations, Trade Unionism for the Department of Public Service, Ministry of Education, Bahamas Union of Teachers and affiliates of the NCTUB and TUC.

Mr. Laroda is a graduate of the College of the Bahamas (now called University of The Bahamas). He is also a graduate of the Coopers Town High. (formerly S.C. Bootle Secondary).

He has also received extensive training from the International Labour Organization (ILO) along with other leading international organizations. The Minister of Labour and Transport and Local Government, Senator the Honourable Dion Foulkes said that Mr. Laroda is a dedicated and seasoned educator and labour expert who has served his country well and will continue to excel in his new role as Director of Labour.