National Blood Drive


The National Blood Drive was held over the weekend at the Mall At Marathon.

Public Hospitals Authority Managing Director Aubynette Rolle was at the event and spoke of its importance. “This national blood drive is important for many reasons. We have multiple cases of road traffic accidents where a person have injuries and require blood. We have pregnant mothers that require blood. We have persons who have sickle cell who always need in crisis requiring blood. So this is important to ensure that all of the facilities who are responsible for drawing of blood have those bloods available within the system to be able to provide. And so today is really just encouraging persons about the importance of donating blood so that we can always have it within our system,” Rolle said.

The Pan American Health Organization was represented at the event by Dr. Eldonna Boisson who said that giving blood is critical not just here but around the world. She also said, “access to blood is always limited. The life span of blood when its donated is about a month, just over a month. And so its not like they can keep a stock for a very long time. There’s different types of blood, you have A, B, AB, and O, so that’s four. And of all of those you can either be positive or negative. So like O positive, O negative, A positive, A negative so pretty much eight in total. What we really like is O negative because that kind of blood can be given to anybody. The other types they have to be matched but certainly all types are welcomed.”