The Free National Movement (FNM) went into its second weekend of campaigning in West End, Grand Bahama with a rally in da alley at the party’s headquarters in the constituency.

FNM Candidate, Bishop Ricardo Grant addressed the crowd saying, “the issues of unemployment. We’ve been living the issues of what we call high cost of living. We’ve been living the issues in taxation. Not only do we understand the issues and we live the issues and we’re here among the people fighting but we are going to push and press together with the people here in West Grand Bahama and Bimini to address the issues.”

Party Leader, the Hon. Michael Pintard was also in attendance. During his remarks he spoke to Grant’s comments about having shallow pockets. “Any day of the week I will take a woman or a man who is honest enough to say no I can’t declare the millions but I do have influence. I do have the ability to work with others on your behalf and I will work on your behalf because I am touched by your infirmities and affliction, I feel your pain cause I come from you, I still live with you. I am you,” Pintard said.

The Free National Movement is scheduled to be in the Seagrape community on Tuesday.