Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis has proclaimed November as National Volunteer Month. To mark the launch, Governor General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Cornelius Smith and members of the national committee attended service at St. Agnes Anglican Church.

The Governor General addressed congregants on the initiative saying, “its mission is to identify, to encourage and to celebrate those individuals and civic, religious, charitable organizations, associations, clubs, groups and individuals who contribute to a better Bahamas through volunteering their time, talents, resources and their efforts to assist others without the expectation of any reward.”

Rector of St. Agnes, Rev. Keith Cartwright is also on the national committee. He told ZNS News, “many years ago we didn’t have a need for a Ministry of Social Services, ya know, it only came about recently and that’s because we faltered as a Bahamian people to give and to volunteer and to help the less fortunate and those who are in trouble. And if we went back to that, if we reverted back to that just think of how much millions of dollars can be saved because we share with each other, we care. And the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that its essential to do just that. The government can’t do everything on its own. We are God’s children. We must respond to God’s love by helping and doing our service and don’t look for any reward. If something comes as a reward, well, we give God the glory not ourselves and so that is what the essence of volunteerism is all about.”