Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe announced at a press event that Walker Industries has been awarded a contract to construct a new correctional facility on the island of New Providence.

Munroe addressed claims by the opposition about the bidding process. He said, “they knew about this so they’re seeking to purposely mislead the public. They’re very well aware that this project started under BJ Nottage, continued under Minister Dames and is moving to conclusion now. We do not have the luxury of time to sit down and twiddle our thumbs while people are dying in our correctional facility. While every year the State Department of the United States of America rates our correctional facility as abysmal.”

The Minister went further outlining some of the amenities that will be in the new facility. “You will see when you consider the plan that the scope has changed significantly. You have a re-entry unit now which speaks to the coming of parole. You have a designate mental health housing facility to segregate persons who have real challenges with special cells that permit them to be washed down in case an inmate has these extreme behaviours. A mental health clinic as well and a clinic that will be available to the Ministry of Health, the public health hospital authorities so that inmate do not have to be transported to the hospital.”

Munroe did not say when construction will begin on the new correctional facility.