The Minister of National Security gave members of the media an update on the proposed new prison. It was announced that construction would begin in January of this year.

The Hon. Wayne Munroe said, “that was the timeline set by the Commission. My understanding is that the person awarded they’re sorting out now the financing on it.  Cause its being done in a fashion where we don’t pay them up front, that they build it, once they turn it over we then pay them for the virtual court over eight years  and the correction facility over ten years.”

Munroe went further stating, “the persons who engage the government on those terms would know that that holds them also a little bit more accountable than the current circumstance.  If they deliver you a structure built now after the warranty period of three to six months is passed the whole thing could collapse and dog eat your lunch, right.  But if I’m paying you back for something over eight years, ten years and the whole thing collapse then me and you have to talk ey.”

The Minister says that he will follow up with the Ministry of Finance on the financing negotiations for the prison construction.