The government has undertaken the repair and redevelopment of several major thoroughfares in the capital such as Village Road and Gladstone Road. Minister responsible for Public Works and Utilities, the Hon. Alfred Sears spoke to the media about the progress of the roadworks projects. Mr. Sears said, “on New Providence we have twelve zones where we have teams of contractors and they’re carrying out patching and paving.”

On the major renovation of Village Road, which includes electrical, cable and water main upgrades, the Minister said, “we are currently engaged with two of the stakeholders, that is the Bahamas National Trust and QC in order to build a round about right in the front of those two institutions. And that will require acquisition of some of the property from both stakeholders. I’ve met with both and we’ve had a very constructive exchange.” It is hoped that Village Road will be complete by the end of the year.

Boyd Road is also under repair, pipes which the Minister estimates are as much as ninety years old are being replaced. He said that the pipes are “causing what is known as non revenue water that is leaking of potable water. So it gives the Water and Sewerage Corporation an opportunity to stop the leakage.”

As to the redevelopment of Gladstone Road, the Minister expects for works to begin soon. He says, “several acquisition which are being negotiated with persons, there is also some squatting on the public land and those matters are being resolved.”

Minister Sears also said that the government wants to ensure that pedestrians are considered in the roadworks with the provision of sidewalks and cycling where possible.

Road repair and renovation is also underway in the Family Islands.