New Red Cross President


Mr. Edison Sumner was recently elected president of the Bahamas Red Cross Society. He succeeds previous president Terez Curry.

Sumner spoke with ZNS News about his new role. He said, “being in the Red Cross exposes you to the level of need that exists in the country. The needs are tremendous. And then being in a position to responds to those needs, it’s not only a feel good situation but it really is something that adds tangibly to the support that’s needed in so many communities around the country.”

The new president says that the organization will look to expand their donor base. “In doing so we have to now tell what’s the value proposition for donating to the Red Cross. We’re not going to just ask you for money. We have to now be able to tell you and show you how those funds are being applied,” Sumner said.

Sumner says he wants to visit the family islands before the end of summer and to set quarterly operational and financial targets.